Custom Design

Custom-made is suitable for couples that want a unique and one-of-a-kind design for their invitation. With custom-made, you can pick your own paper material that we have in collection, design theme, color palette, accessories and handmade envelope. It's like writing your own wedding story onto your wedding invitation.
Once we recieved your request, we will contact you and thus begin our step-by-step journey in creating your dream invitation. Firstly we will need you to fill up a simple form where you can tell us your details and story. We will then refer it as our guideline in design phase and pricing. During this phase, we also love to get to know you and your story. We can spend some time either via email, skype or better yet, over coffee somewhere nice.
Handcrafted and Unique
Every custom project is unique and that's what we love the most about it. Your invitation will be crafted individually and carefully by our two hands.
Paper Material
We use the best paper material in store for custom-made design. You can choose from at least 4 types of rich, thick and luxurious cardstock.
Many Accessories
Ribbons, laces, belly bands, beads, stamps, you name it and we'll find a way to do it for you. 
Design Concepts and Mockup
Other than choosing your own theme and color palette, you will also get up to 3 mockup designs. From there you can choose which design suit you the most and we'll work on it to the finest! 
Print Samples
Once the invitation suite is complete, we'll mail you the sample so you can look at the paper, color swatches, envelopes and other details. Only after we recieved your approval we will ship your invitation to printing and assembly process.
The fees for custom-made invitation varies based on several factors such as the quantity of your order, paper material and the complexity of the design. For your reference, our price for custom design usually starts from RM 4.00 per set. However, you are welcome to share us your wedding budget and we'll see how we can arrange it. 
Timing is the most important thing for custom project. To create a design that reflects your personal vision will need ample time. Our advice is to place the order 4 months before your wedding date. Additional charge is required for rush orders. 
Just send us an email at or head out here to request for quote and that's it. We are eager to work with you!