Our Story

Eliffant Studio is a wedding stationary design studio based at the edge of Kuala Lumpur. The studio is a creation of two sisters who love to create something fun, unique and colorful in their daily life. With a big cup of passion in art, typography and a big appreciation for all things paperie, we do our best to produce high quality wedding suites and other stationary for other events.



Introducing Endah and Nia : the two sisters with the same amount of passion in running their own business and beautiful designs. Both of them are currently living together under the same roof with their family and three pets (Bobo the black fat cat, Thumper the naughty white bunny and Nala, a very shy hamster). When having free time, they love to go out shopping makeup and enjoy delicious desserts. Their experience in design industry goes back since the year 2011. Endah was first graduated from University of Tenaga Nasional as a degree holder in Information System (IT) and started working with MDeC as one of Creative Department’s executives. She then pursued her passion in design as branding director at Creative Eleven, an inspiring design company. After two years, she decided to open her own company and created Eliffant Studio, choosing her sister as her partner. Nia, who was just graduated from Lim Kok Wing University as a degree holder in Creative Multimedia joined in as Eliffant Studio’s creative designer. Her skills and capabilities ranges from graphic design, watercolour, hand-lettering, illustration, brand and identity designs and more. Other than that, they are just two normal girls who enjoy beautiful weather and great food.